CWIT Affiliates Program

The Affiliates Program exists to facilitate a strong sense of community and connection among the approximately 500 women  in the College of Engineering and Information Technology (COEIT). All women and interested men majoring in engineering and IT are invited to become a CWIT Affiliate.

Affiliates  have the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the following opportunities each year:

Annual Activities:  Welcome Week socials, peer mentor events, Women in Technology (WIT) events, and more!

Peer Mentoring:  Freshmen and new transfer students can sign up to receive a peer mentor to help them navigate their major.

CWIT Living-Learning Community (LLC):  Live on a residence hall floor surrounded by friendly, like-minded students, easy access to study groups with students in the same classes, and additional social, academic, and professional programs.  Apply by May 1 through Residential Life.

CWIT Affiliates Workshops: Our CWIT Affiliates Workshops are hosted bi-weekly on Fridays during free hour. Workshop sessions cover topics such as leadership, academic success, personal development, career exploration and planning, community building among women (and their allies) within COEIT, wellness, and much more! Join or follow the CWIT Affiliates myUMBC Group for more information about the Spring 2017 CWIT Affiliates Workshops!

Cyber Affiliates Opportunities:  For those Affiliates interested in cybersecurity, please also register as a Cyber Affiliate, apply to become a Cyber Associate, and/or sign up to take the Cyber Practicum class.  Learn more about these opportunities on the Cyber Affiliates page.

Online networks to receive relevant information related to women in engineering and IT majors and careers:  CWIT Affiliates myUMBC Group and CWIT Affiliates Facebook page


Contact Cindy Greenwood at or 410-455-3881 with any questions about our Affiliates program.